Monday, February 8, 2016

Altered Chandelier for Prima

post signatureOkayyyy , so this is a special post to me! About 6 months ago I got asked to create
 with one of the new products being released from Prima for the packaging. I literally
almost died from the excitement and honor of being asked to do so! altered art is my life, my love, my
passion! So to see Prima coming out with so many new lines and mediums that make that
love so easy for me is just amazing! So here we are. These gorgeous new wooden DIY
chandeliers for Prima! They have 2 types, traditional and bohemian. I created for the traditional one. 
But for CHA I got to make a bohemian one too! I have more to share soon :) 
'So with all this rambling, I have to say this project is so so so special to me! I was SO NERVOUS 
to create something that would essentially represent the brand. When people are in stores and want to purchase an item, my little project will be pictured there to HOPEFULLY inspire them enough
to make that purchase! So i felt extremely nervous. I finally just started playing! I used the 
Garden Fable line and countless other pieces from Prima. I did an image transfer onto the wood. 
But don't worry, I have 2 more coming up to share , one of those with a tutorial to show you 
how easy it is to paint one and achieve gorgeous results. I really really really feel so strongly about
these gorgeous DIY products Prima is producing. From the molds, to mediums , to even the pieces themselves that beg to be altered. i love this direction Prima took! Of course they still have everything that made us all fall in love with them to begin with. But they have made it a point to cover all
the bases. And i appreciate them SO MUCH for this! 
So here is my first chandelier and a photo of the packaging hehe! I really hope you all like it! Big hugs! has them in stock if you want to get yours today :)

Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Altered Pieces for Prima at CHA.

post signatureHello everyone!!!!!! Wanted to catch up on some projects I created for Prima's CHA 
booth. Can I just say how AMAZING the new releases from Prima are! We aren't just talking 
paper here people! They have EVERYTHING! The new IOD Molds are probably my 
favorite new item! I just LOVE them all! And love how much bang for your buck you get!
You can create ENDLESS molds to go on your projects using the paper clay, or resin if you choose! 
For people on a budget, these are def initely the way to go! Here are a couple of my projects
using the molds!

I altered this looking glass using the gorgeous Vintage Emporium range. Its so 
incredibly gorgeous and antique-y lol. 

I had this little wooden anchor in my stash and the new French Riviera line was perfect of course! 
Again using that beautiful mold! All i did was spritz it with some Teal Color Bloom Spray. So simple! 

 Hope you all like them! And keep your eye on the blog for all the amazingness! 
Big hugs!

Thursday, December 3, 2015

Altered Spools for Prima

post signatureHello everyone! I want to share a project that was really fun for me to create!
I know as crafters we all buy ribbons that come on those cardboard spools. I keep 
EVERYTHING Lol, so after seeing I had about 30 of these i wanted to upcycle them. 
In keeping with that theme I went outside to do some weeding around our fence line and 
was so inspired by the roots I was pulling out! Sounds so silly, but the organic texture was so
pretty. I immediately wnet in and started creating ( sorry honey, he had to finish the weeding lol.) 
The IOD paintables were perfect for this. All those wonderful prints really matched 
my mood. I kept with only a couple of colors and used the Oil Pastels and Color Bloom
sprays to do so. I hope you all lke my little spool picture holders :)
I will be teaching a LWP on the 14th on these. HOpe you will join me

supplies used:
Oil Pastels-814328
Paintables Secret Garden-814175
Paintables Classic Memories-814182
Paintables Bohemian-814199
Paintables Nostalgic Reflections-814274
Paintables Enchanted Aviaries-814267
Dresden Trim-942441
Magnolia Trim-583026
Marseilles Pull-990299
Royal Megaerie Stickers
Royal Menagerie Flowers-583286
Butterfly Bulbe flowers-580605
Clear GEsso-961466
Heavy White Gesso-961442
3D Matte Gel-961398
Color Bloom Soft Teal-573782
Shabby Chic Treasures Frames-891128
Pixie Vine Nature Garden-555931
Clock Hands-891589
Wooden Branches-556556

Wednesday, December 2, 2015

Prima Bloom Girl Ornaments

post signatureHello crafty people :)
Dusting off my blog again, please excuse my absence! 
Hopefully you have been following along with Prima's 12 days of christmas! 
Some AMAZING inspiration going on! I got to create using Jamie's amazing
Bloom range. I decided to use the Birds stamp set. It is my favorite one, and just seemed
to go perfectly with Victorian Christmas papers. 

Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Altered Choo Choo Train Party Decor and BAP for Prima

post signatureNow that I am playing catch up! I wanted to share a few more projects for Prima 
I have created the last few weeks!This choo choo train is one of my all time fave projects! I just used kids building blocks as my base. So fun to make!
I used so much supplies from Prima I cannot keep up lol. I also did  a Ustream on Live
With Prima showing how to do some of the carts, in case you missed it all the shows are recorded! 

Next up i have ...... a layout..... gasp! LOL! i do not do layouts very often, I just leave that to the
experts ! I have never been very good at them lol. But i had to try my hand at the gorgeous BAP this month created by Riikka. Hop over to the Prima Blog and participate with the BAP and PPP challenges! they are always amazingly inspiring! Hugs!

Creating in Faith Bible Journaling

post signatureWell dusting off my old neglected blog here. I figured I would do a little summary in case some of you
don't follow me on Facebook to explain my absence. My mother passed away suddenly and
completely unexpectedly about 2 months ago. my life has just been upside down since then. This year has
been full of ups and downs, but this was a blow I could never be ready for. So, I have been
pretty depressed, nothing has been teh same. I started reading my Bible more though and getting a lot
of comfort from it. One of my fave artists is Jamie Dougherty. She has lines with Prima, and now she has come out with an entire line dedicated to "creating in faith" with Prima. I was over the moon excited to get these amazing and inspiring supplies. We went on a trip to visit some family in Tennessee, so I couldn't take much with me. Just some watercolor pencils a few markers and stamps and inks. And my box of new supplies from Prima. So here are my first attempts at Bible Journaling. Or Illustrated Faith. Whatever you want to call it, I call it refreshing! it is really really relaxing and therapeutic for me! Check out the Prima blog for the master herself, Jamie! She creates AMAZING pages! and the other gals did gorgeous gorgeous pieces as well!